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Guardian Avanti Lock Combination Instructions

Do not place lid on vault until you have tested your new combination.

Shackle can be secured to lock box with the lid on or off. To mount Guardian you must first remove the lid. To release the shackle push the tab in while lifting the shackle up.

  1. Remove the three screws on the back plate of the lid.

  1. Remove the three rings and two spacers by spinning the dial over a desk or table until the rings fall down.


  1. Line up the three pointers on the spindle with Pointers pointing up. Select any three letter combination that will not be forgotten. Avoid consecutive letters. For children use easy words like CAT, DOG, PIG. Initials and abbreviations should be avoided for security reasons.

  1. With all three pointers pointing to your first letter, drop ring and slide to bottom of spindle. Next drop a spacer making sure that the bent side is facing out toward you. Now drop 2nd ring but make sure the three pointers have not moved and are pointing to 2nd letter on ring. Next add the 2nd spacer and finally the 3rd ring.

  1. Close the back of the lid and rescrew the three screws.

Test your new combination BEFORE you place the lid on the vault!

If it works by depressing the button, you have set it correctly; if not, repeat process in 3 and 4 above.


Print this page for your reference!